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Let’s face Dilbert’s Boss on outages.


Tracking Outages

The idea of tracking data outages spawned from an early discussion on the outages forum including feedback from an outages survey about having a status page for (un)planned outages as a central resource. The purpose of such effort is to have a wider focus that one could view as opposed to having to check dozens of provider status pages.

There were many ideas put forth but nothing really panned out and things kinda fell on the back burner.

Some of the questions raised during these discussions were:

  • This effort will require community support. We can’t imagine having insight into every planned and unplanned outages.
  • Initially we see this effort having an administrative/scaleability burden since we’ll need (trusted or vetted) folks who can keep it current/meaningful.
  • Since providers (carriers, colo, hosting, etc) guard their (un)planned outages close to their chest, not sure even as a customer, one can release the information to a public calendar when you as a customer are bound by their policy.

For further read click here for the results of this survey.

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Long Awaited Outages Survey Is Here!

Woohoo, the results are in, yes, a year delayed, I will spare you all from the list of excuses.

For some, responses may have changed from the time they took this survey. Personally for me, what matters most is transparency & what went wrong and lessons learned which serves as a great example of how not to do things. Reading through the summary what caught my attention was 58% responded that they almost never perform redundancy checks for their infrastructure. I guess they enjoy living on the bleeding edge ;-)

I understand there are pros and cons to this argument, then again what do you think? What would you do? Would you respectfully challenge your management to be more transparent? Or the fact you have network engineering task, on-call, lack of sleep & internal politics to worry about than to participate in outages mailing list?

Let it out under comments section but please be respectful and keep an open mind.

These aren’t issues we will solve immediately. They take time to build and they will ebb & flow. But as you diligently pursue staying on top of them, you will be locking in that legacy you desire for others to

Without further ado, I present you the survey results.

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